SunProtect is an innovative initiative carried out by a team of specialists committed to protecting human health and the environment.

We use eco-friendly sun cream, which enables us to provide better skin protection for our clients and protect the marine environment with its anti-contaminating formula.


Our machines are 100% customizable!
We adapt to the unique needs of each client:

_ Structure design.
_ Extra applications such as touch screen, POS, Rfid cards, etc.
_ Vinyl and finish of the machine.
_ Etc…

Contact us, tell us what you need and we adapt.


SunProtect is the first sun cream dispenser on the Spanish market without a fixed container. It uses a unique packaging system that is replaced once empty. That way the sun cream is always in top condition.


SunProtect enables your establishment to innovate in the services it offers. The dispenser is custom-made. Protect your clients from the harmful effects of exposure to the sun.

We protect your health

SunProtect always offers sun cream in top condition for quick and effective use. SunProtect uses vegan, water-resistant sun cream.

We protect the ocean

SunProtect protects the oceans and marine environment. We use eco-friendly sun cream and avoid the manufacture and consumption of plastic packaging which often ends up harming the environment.

Certificates and Quality

Our sun cream dispensers are entirely manufactured in Spain, thus providing the best quality, and developing and innovating to offer a better service. The dispensers have the CE marking certificate, having passed all the safety tests. We customise the dispenser to meet our clients’ need.

Ronda Ferran Puig 4, 2º 1ª – 17001 Girona
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